Prepared Foods

Available at Elwin & Company, Berkley MI

No time to cook?  No problem!  Stop by Elwin & Company on your way to work for coffee & a scone and pick up our delicious prepared foods for lunch or dinner.

We always have plenty of homemade seasonal soup – split-pea, Hungarian vegetable barley, vegetarian chili or ‘Bubbie’s’ famous chicken soup on hand.

Hungry for a little more?  How about entrees or side dishes such as tuna noodle casserole, stuffed mac & cheese, vegetarian lasagne or chicken pot pie.

Need something tasty for a party or family gathering? Bring in your dishes and let Chef Elwin fill them — what a way to impress your guests!

In the mood for something a bit lighter? Try our turkey meatloaf w/mashed sweet potatoes, glazed salmon w/asparagus or pecan encrusted tilapia w/broccoli & red peppers.

And we’re offering new prepared foods too! Elwin & Company, celebrating its 22nd year in business, is featuring prepared foods to go. Friends of Elwin’s TuGo and viewers of Chef Elwin’s many television cooking demonstrations, have demanded he bring back some of his time-tested favorites, such as roast veggie and bean chili, salmon patties, wild mushrooms blintzes and tuna noodle casserole.

Some delicious new items include gourmet “stuffed” mac & cheese, vegetarian lasagna, chicken pot pie, apple crisp, peach cobbler, and rice pudding, plus many new dishes with a sophisticated twist.

Give us a little notice and we will have your prepared foods order hot & ready for pick-up! Don’t forget a cookie or brownie for dessert!

Please visit Elwin and Co at 2971 Coolidge Highway, Berkley, MI 48072 or call us at (248) 547-8846. You can place your order online by submitting your information and detailed order by visiting our Place Your Order page.

Prepared Foods Menu

• Classic Sage & Onion Stuffing – $2.50/4 oz.

• Scalloped Potatoes – $2.75/4 oz.

• Honey-Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes – $2.95/4 oz.

• Our Famous 3 Cheese Mac & Cheese – $2.75/4 oz.

• Lobster & White Cheddar Mac & Cheese – $7.50/14 oz.

• Roast Root Vegetable Medley – $2.95/4 oz. (brussel sprouts, carrots, beets, parsnips & red onions)

• Golden Corn Cassarole – $2.50/4 oz.

• Tuna Noodle Cassarole (No Peas) – $2.75/4 oz.

• Salman Patties – $6.95 per package / each package comes with 2 patties.

• Mushroom and cheddar blintzes – $6.95 per package / each package comes with 3 blintz.

Fall and Winter Soup

All soups served with a savory cheese scone. Our soups and chili are made from scratch using no meat (except chicken soup) and are flash frozen to preserve freshness.

• Apple & Spiced Squash – $4.25/8 oz.

• Bubbie’s Famous Chicken Soup w/Farfel – $4.25/8 oz.

• Hungarian Vegetable Barley – $4.25/8 oz.

• Old Fashioned Tomato & Rice – $4.25/8 oz.

• Roast Vegetable & Bean Chili – $4.25/8 oz.

• Split Pea – $4.25/8 oz.

Fresh From the Oven

• Banana Nut Bread – $4.00 each

• Cranberry Orange Bread – $4.00 each

• Pumpkin Cherry Bread – $4.00 each

• Zuchini Raisin Bread – $4.00 each

• Apple Cranberry Crisp – $3.00/4 oz.

• Peach Cobbler – $3.00/4 oz.